Cat's Eye

Terms & Conditions

Our terms and conditions can be subject to changes without prior notice. By making payment the hirer agrees to all terms and conditions below .


  1. Payment must be made in full including bond before the items are collected. Any debt recovery costs will be at the hirers expense.
  2. We have a minimum hire amount of $40.00. If your hire item is under that amount, your card will be charged with $40.00 when the booking is made
  3. All prices in our website are subject to change without prior notice to you.
  4. Any item booking which is under $100.00 or less and any short notice bookings within 4 weeks will be charged the full payment while the booking is made.
  5. All hire bookings will have a bond added to the invoice. The bond will be refunded back once the items are processed back after return inspection.
  6. Our terms and conditions and pricing which excludes GST can be subject to change without prior notice.
  7. A 50% non-refundable booking fee for each item is required when confirming your booking and payment must be made in full before 3 weeks of the pickup day.
  8. Prices listed on the website are for an up to three-day hire period. You must contact Cats Eye Events if you require a different hire period.
  9. Items cancelled within 30 days of the hire date will still result in the hirer being liable for the full amount owing. Items cannot be exchanged/swapped once booked for change of mind. If a booking has been made within the 30-day period, payment in full is required and is non-refundable. This includes custom balloon garlands, Personalized names / logos etc.
  10. There will be no refund for goods hired and not used i.e., Picked up on Friday and returned Monday unused.
  11. If the hires exceeding 3 days will incur additional charges which we will consult with you when you have made your booking
  12. Cats Eye Events undertakes no liabilities whatsoever in respect for accidents or injuries related to our décor that are caused through mishandling by customer guests, or site/venue staff.
  13. If the set-up picture for reference is the work of another planner, we are unable to plagiarize the design. Consulting with your permission we will add our own artistic interpretation to the design to make it a custom work of Cats Eye Events.
  14. Event site consultation / meeting requests will be available with an extra fee for the Decorator’s time and travel.
  15. Parking charges may apply if the venue doesn’t have free onsite parking.


  1. The drop of location is not manned on Saturday and Sunday so collections or returns will not be accepted.
  2. If an item is returned during the above days without been informed there would be a cost of $60.00 to open the drop of area and process/inspect the items.
  3. If your pick up or return date falls on a day, we are closed such as Public Holidays etc. You will return the items on the next day, when we are open. If Monday is a public holiday your return date will be the Tuesday 10.00am -2pm
  4. The hirer agrees to pick up and drop off goods at the times quoted in the invoice. If goods are not returned on the agreed day and time, and no prior arrangement has been made, your credit card will be charged a per day a percentage of your hire total for 5 working days at which point if the goods are still not returned, the credit card will then be charged the cost of the replacement of the hired goods at full retail cost.
  5. Cats Eye Events has the right to refuse the collection if a proper vehicle is not supplied.


  1. Changing the date of your hire is considered a cancelled booking. Usual cancellation policy will apply.
  2. If the hirer chooses to cancel the entire booking or individual items from the current booking, the 50% booking fee is NON-REFUNDABLE and applies except as in point 9 under bookings, then full payment is required.
  3. We allow for change of date with both parties agree on within 3-month period for a setup which Cats Eye has agreed via email, this may or may not affect actual costing under the date selected. THIS IS NOT FOR HIRING ITEMS / PRODUCTS.
  4. Due to the amount of administration involved, any changes to pick up or delivery dates, or cancellation of products after the booking deposit has been paid will incur an administration fee, this also applies to any debt collection and legal fees. The balance of payment is due one month from your collection date.


  1. If Cats Eye sets up the venue, they will ensure there are no damaged or faulty items on completion of decorating the venue and take no responsibility of any damaged or uncleaned goods thereafter the event.
  2. As the hirer, it is your responsibility to ensure that if your venue staff is packing down your items that this information is passed onto them, or if you are packing by yourself all the items returned in good working condition.
  3. Our setup quote is valid for 7 days from the date sent, price may vary after the expiry of current quote.
  4. For all Cats Eye Set Up and Pack Downs, the work has been agreed upon based on the quote provided via email. Should there be a reduction in the agreed work after the deposit has been paid, there will be no reduction in the pricing of the Set Up/Pack Down costs. If the customer adds items after the deposit has been paid, there will be an increase in the Set Up/Pack Down cost and the customer will be notified of this cost. If any Set Up/Pack Down is cancelled within 30 days of the booking date, full payment is still required otherwise the 50 % non-refundable booking applies.


  1. Any damage / missing of the hired items will occur additional charges which would be deducted from the bond after the final inspection.
  2. Any staining / wax in the items hired shall be at the hirers cost for stain/wax removal.
  3. Take proper care of the item and return it in an undamaged and clean condition in the packaging supplied. Damage to any items while in your care must be reported to us and no attempt to repair the item(s) is to be made.
  4. Insurance on the goods is the hirer’s responsibility, e.g., fire, theft, earthquakes etc. We are not liable for any delays beyond our control, Cats Eye has the right to refuse goods going out if an appropriate covered vehicle is not supplied to protect the quality of the product.
  5. In the event of any Items damaged / loss the hirer will be charged the replacement cost including any shipping costs. The item(s) will remain the property of Cats Eye Events.
  6. A cleaning bond will be charged to your invoice for charger plates, goblets, glass cylinders, and carpets once a booking has been made. A refund will be processed back onto your card if the items are returned clean and in their original packaging.


  1. Take proper care of the equipment and return it in an undamaged and clean condition in the packaging supplied. Damage to any items while in your care must be reported to us and no attempt to repair the item(s) is to be made.
  2. In the case of fabric hire, the hirer will return these in a non-washed state, but any staining shall be at the hirers cost for stain removal. Wet Linen must NOT be placed in in closed boxes with lids , it must be dried out first. (NOT WASHED) Cats Eye will check the items and notify the hirer of any stains and/or damage.
  3. Be responsible to ensure the goods and quantities are correct and fit for purpose. Before leaving Cats, Eye or consult with us before you book the item if you are having any doubt on the number or quantities . Cats Eye won’t be responsible if there is any shortage of items which has occurred due to the quantities booked and you have figured out while you set up. If the customer has not contacted Cates Eye Events, they will not be entitled to dispute this upon return of the goods and will be responsible for the costs involved with repair of any damage or replacement of goods incurred by Cats Eye Events.
  4. Not have any claim against the owner for loss or damage arising from the hirer’s use of the equipment.
  5. Pay retail replacement costs for any hire goods, containers, and packaging, not returned through theft, fire, earthquake, damage in transit either by self-collection or freight company, negligence, or misuse of the items.
  6. Limitation of Liability – Except where the Owner is in breach of a suppliers. Guarantee in terms of the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993, the Hirer acknowledges that in all other circumstances whatsoever the Owner shall not be liable for direct or consequential damage, loss or expense whatsoever and howsoever arising (including that resulting from the negligence of the Owner) or arising by operation of law and whether suffered by the Hirer and/or any third party for any amount that exceeds the amount actually paid by the Hirer to the Owner pursuant to this hire agreement.
  7. If the hirer is not the individual, the person who signs this document or pays for the hire on behalf of the hirer warrants that they have the authority to bind the hirer and will in any event be personally liable for all the hirer’s obligations including being charged for damage on the deposit they have supplied for a bond. If there is no communication from the client, we will be transferring the details to the debt collectors for the recovery of the money on hirer’s expense.
  8. In the event of Force Majeure Cats Eye Events will not be liable for any booking cancelled due to the inability to carry out usual responsibilities/ commitments which may include but is not limited to Acts of God, catastrophic events such as natural disasters e.g.: storm, earthquakes, adverse weather etc., epidemic disease outbreak, warfare, larceny, sabotage, terrorism, government restrictions. If such an event occurs and if we are able to contact, we will get in touch with our customers to postpone their booking to a new date.


  1. If you develop Covid 19 and will need to isolate with in your hire period we are willing to offer one postponement date with a 20% re booking fee of your total hire booking cost, which is required to be paid in 7 days from your postponement date and is valid for one year from your original function date which will enable you to keep your deposit intact and in that if we cannot offer the exact same item, we will substitute it for a similar item, all other booked items must remain the same. Items cannot be swapped or cancelled from the original items booked. We reserve the right of confirmation of a current Covid test.